We are not as the next man, we do not keep to the beaten track of other agencies, telling the clients that we are  doing everything: this and that and even something else  but in fact simply reordering in another agency taking money for nothing. Our range of services is not very wide but we do everything ourselves and take full responsibility for our product.

Just try, with us it is simple and easy.


Postboxes distribution– your advertisement in every apartment

No-address postboxes distribution (no-address mailing) gives an opportunity to get out the message about your products and services directly into the hands of your potential customers. However you can choose the delivery geography needed exactly for you. Thus the leaflet postbox delivery will cover the required street of city district. We are ready to offer you any convenient possibility to control the implementation of your advertising campaign ranging from fotoreport to joint audit of any addresses covered within the frames of leaflet postbox distribution upon your choice. A low cost of a contact with potential customers attracts even periodicals to which we render production postbox distribution service on regular basis. Besides we have a chance to appeal personally to your potential or current client. Postbox distribution of personalized letters based on your or our data or delivery to certain organizations is a cost effective alternative to the Russian Post services. 


Stands at the entrances

Porch entrance advertising will be noticed by the residents as well as by their guests

Porch entrance advertising is placed officially as a part of the Moscow City Government Program. This fact will serve as a guarantee that the advertisement will not be torn off or damaged. Daily care of the porch entrances allows maintaining an excellent advertisement sight for the duration of the advertising period. Having placed your advertisement on the porch entrances for the period over 2 weeks you will have an opportunity to replace the information once a week. You may regulate the geography of your advertising campaign selecting only micro districts  you need.


Advertising at the pump

Filling stations advertisement is a direct contact with financially reliable population

Advertisement at filling stations works as it does not divert the attention from the road. Moreover, during car refueling the driver and passengers spend there about 5-7 minutes. That is why advertisement at filling stations is becoming more and more popular. We are ready to discuss the geographical location of the filling stations on your choice with you, brand names as well as advertisement location format.


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