Nowadays the process of communication with the current and potential clients goes well beyond the distance, call charges and lag time. They come to you even when you are sleeping or being on holidays or at the meeting or if you just want to do nothing. The executed, efficient and goal-oriented for your business internet resource works on your behalf. The main task is to pave an easy and well distinguished way to reach it. And the results will not keep you waiting.

We specialize in internet marketing and are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Advantages of working with us

  • Now web sites design and promotion in internet is offered on every street corner. It seems that only lazy bones are not involved. Under these circumstances clients size up the experience as much as comfort regarding the collaboration in communication. And who knows, may be with us you will be all right?

  • We are not playing smart with our clients, plying them with a lot of special terms in oder to demonstrate our professionalism and swag. We are talking to you in a simple and understandable language as if we are friend drinking coffee. It makes our life easier as well, we understand your goals better and you understand costing better.

  • We will not get down to business in case the qualitative execution is doubtful. It is better to say “no” then to get you into trouble. We are not chasing the number of  “names” to fill in our portfolio, we have already overcome that before, the result is more important for us.

  • We do not need an order conveyor from the clients who would be disappointed very soon. Of course it is profitable, but... We do not have an office within the Garden Ring, an enormous number of secretaries and account-managers to maintain. Hence we are not stingy with our money, long term cooperation is more important.

  • We are a like-minded group of specialists who really enjoy what they do. That is why all your orders for us are not a routine but enjoyment. We are sure it is also important for the result.

  • We have gained our experience not only in agencies but on the other side of the barricade as well, on the side of our current clients. This fact allows us to offer only the best proved and result-oriented solutions for your business.

Web design and turn key site approach


Site promotion in search systems

Site optimization for the promotion to the top list of results upon your interest  in searching systems .Unlike advertisements (context advertisement), those results are not perceived as commercial by the clients and thus are appreciated as more reliable. In spite of the fact that the results will not become obvious right upon the start, in the end the cost will turn to be considerably less than the context advertisement cost. We would like to warn those clients who want to save money on specialists after  having read instructions regarding link exchange market. Everything is not as simple as it looks like. External SEO optimization is just half the battle, which will not give any results without expert strategy for site audit and its internal optimization. To say nothing about the possibility of locking out a «dirty» promoted site by the search system.


Promotion and group maintenance in social networks

Attracting visitors to the site or company services promotion by means of social media, other network communities and blogs. Some companies use these instruments to organize on-line communication with their clients, to exchange opinions on products and services, for prompt ordering or consultations on order processing. For others it is a brand image formation, drawing the attention of potential clients, a possibility to hold on current clients by means of entertaining. The goals could be completely different; the most important is the possibility of communication with customers in the environment they are used to communicate, on their territory, at their homes. It is not enough to create the group, to fill it out and invite friends. It is important to socialize with them correctly and regularly on the topics and language they are interested in. It is an enormous and creative work. From our point of view it is a kind of PR-event. Thus we would like to warn those customers who want to keep up with time, creating their communities in social networks, entrusting the maintenance to technical specialists, system administrators or advertising managers. Technical errors could be comparatively easily corrected; communicational mistakes could affect the profit of your business much stronger.


Content is the most important on the site. Prompt, interesting and useful information attracts your clients, forcing them to become grateful readers. Unique content is the most important aspect for searching systems as well, providing the promotion of your site to the leading positions. Site content, its text content and regular update is the basis for the development of your resource.

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